Updated:  June 15th   2007


These pages are meant to pay tribute to those who attended the Olympic Games, those who will attend and any other sportpersonality practising an official olympic sport.

The official logo of the Olympics consists of 5 rings, but originally, every 4 years a ring was added until World War I broke out and the decision was made to stop at 5, now symbolising the 5 continents.

(source; National Aquatic Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)

Had the original idea been persisted, the logo would now consist of an ever growing chain of 28 rings, preparing for 29 as The Olympics are on their way to Beijing in 2008. And of course, attention will be paid to those participating in the Wintergames.

Another original classic aspect of the photographs presented here is that only men are shown, many of them nude; the original "dresscode" in ancient sporting Greece. Women were not allowed to take part or even to watch the games.