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Sporthelden puur II birthdaycalendar, in english and dutch can be ordered here if you live in Europe.

For overseas orders;

Paypal will do at www.paypal.com and choose info@broeksma.com

Send in Euro's 22,50 that's incl. p+h and send Euro 45,-- for two and add only 12,50 for every additional calendar (3rd 4th 5th etc)

You can also send the momey in cash 1 euro is USD 1,50.

Make sure your address is mentioned when ordering.

Don't worry, delivery is always quaranteed.

If sold out, you'll find a notification here.

You'll get your money back.


Sporthelden puur II cover

Size; 24x35 cm, 14 pages, 14 images large format, incl. back and cover, b/w with gold tone (duotone), weight 300 grams.

Nice gift, only here.


Sporthelden Puur wintereditie:

This luxury magazine contains 67 photographs, incl. 39 nudes of 25 speedskaters and bobsledders.

It is not available at any bookstore outside The Netherlands. Only here.

Some examples from the magazine:

Here's the list with all the names:

Erben Wennemars
Jan Bos
Kip Carpenter (USA)
KC Boutiette (USA)
Gerard van Velde
Cees Juffermans (shorttrack)
Stefan Verlaan
Prince Albert of Monaco
Maciej Ustynowicz (PL)
Artur Was (PL)
Sybren Jansma (bobsleigh)
Johan Klungel (bobsleigh)
Arend glas (bobsleigh)
Ralf van der Rijst
Arne de Groote
Beorn Nijenhuis
Erwin ten Hove
Jorn Stian Dahl (N, bobsleigh)
Henrik Detz (shorttrack)
Sander Kingma
Jan Hessel Boermans
Sebastian Falk (S)
Jarno Meijer
Alexander Oltrop
Arjen Folkerts

To order "Sporthelden Puur, wintereditie" within The Netherlands click here www.broeksma.com and select the kalender page.

To order "Sporthelden Puur, wintereditie" within the EUROZONE: Transfer E. 15,-- (= incl. postage) to:

IBAN: NL 68 ABNA 055 43 25 527

BIC (code): ABNANL2A

Name: Broeksma fotografie Groningen/NL

The magazine will be delivered throughout Europe at the address of your bankaccount, promptly upon receipt of your payment. Ask your bank if you're not sure how to handle, or send the money cash in a (double) envelope to:

Fotogalerie Lichtzone, "Broeksma"
Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 36,
9712 EK Groningen, The Netherlands.

Add only E. 13,50 for any extra copy you order at the same time!

From the US and other countries: Send US $ 30,-- in notes, packed in a double envelope, probably the safest way...