How to order:

All sportsmen mentioned in these pages have been photographed, and prints are available even though they're not shown here.You may expect them to be portrayed in a similar way. Some of the images were published before, many never were.

Copyright remains with the maker, images are not to be (re-)published without maker's written consent.
Ask for conditions and possibilities here:
Also available: galleryprints, numbered and signed by the maker, also ask for largesize prints and conditions here:

What items to order:

A. Real Photograph:
The photograph you selected can be ordered as a real photoprint, size 18x24cm. Larger photographs are generally available in a limited and signed edition. Ask for them by E-mail or fax.

B. Photoset:
A photoset is a set of 5 different photographs, available in two different sizes: 10x15cm and 18x24cm.

C. Original Olympics-set:
An OO-set is a set of 5 different (artistic) nude photographs of the sporter you selected. It is available in two different sizes: 10x15cm and 18x24cm.

What to do:

  1. Browse to the sporter, click on the thumbnail of the selected sporter
  2. Click on the link underneath the larger photo: this opens the orderform
  3. Fill out the orderform
  4. Click on SUBMIT if you're ready
  5. This action will result in an e-mail send off to Broeksma photography, containing the items of your choice.

How to pay:

However, especially for those ordering from outside The Netherlands payments may also be done through "paypal".So if you have a paypalaccount you may safely pay at: .
They should transfer and change USD and BP into Euro's.
Remember all prices on this website are in Euro.
Make sure that on each order an extra € 2,50 is being charged for shipping overseas.
For more information on how to start your own account see

Don't hesitate to get in touch.